Chemicals for Reverse Osmosis Plant

Chemicals for Reverse Osmosis Plant

Reverse osmosis desalination is widely applicable to produce low salinity water from both brackish or sea water sources. Process is required chemical blends in order to avoid scaling or fouling on reverse osmosis elements surface and keep plant running in maximum performance.
Our software ROAP (Reverse Osmosis Antiscalant Projection) is available to our engineers, in order to calculate the proper product, in proper addition, to raw water stream, with or without acid addition.
NSF approved antiscalants are available, on client’s demand, for drinking or bottled water applications.
All of our products are blended and drummed at our Ad Dammam facilities, following Saudization principles.

Antiscalants :

We are offering special blends of Antiscalants compatible with all major Reverse Osmosis elements manufacturers to prevent scaling of Calcium carbonate & sulfate , Barium and strontium sulfates , Manganese hydroxide , Silica salts & Iron fouling.

Our Antiscalants are approved & complying with and drinking water requirements of NSF/ANSI 60 standard.

Cleaning Chemicals :

Our production range includes several products for acidic or alkaline cleaning in place (CIP) reverse osmosis and nanofiltration elements, in order to remove

  • Calcium carbonate scales
  • Calcium sulfate scales
  • Silica scales
  • Biofouling
  • Iron oxides